It’s the verb, not the noun, that counts.

While still in the midst of updating this page on the various travels the past semester has bestowed upon me, I must take a momentary pause.  Today marks the Commencement ceremony for the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Class of 2014.  While watching the live stream online, seeing the various speakers give their remarks, I can’t help but feel as inspired as ever, not only by individuals such as Bobbi Brown, this year’s keynote speaker, but also by my many friends who are graduating as we speak.  In a school that is so specific to the wants and needs of its students, I have never been a part of something with such passion.

“Take pride in who you are and what you do.”

Over the past three years, I have met people that push me to my limits, be it in the classroom, the gym or just to finish an assignment.  You are all a truly special group and I don’t doubt for a second that you will be the true voices of our generation- and not only via social media. I cannot wait to be a part of this ever-interconnected industry with some of the greatest people in the world.

“Fashion thrives on innovation and talent.”


I wish you the best of luck in the future!



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